Nimbin Artists Gallery

Autumn Arts Extravaganza

Nimbin Artists Gallery is gearing up for a spectacular Autumn Arts Extravaganza in April this year, with a solid range of fresh offerings from their accomplished regulars and a dazzling display of work from artists who are new on the Nimbin scene.

As well as the usual framed two dimensional artworks (basically paintings or drawings), and three dimensional sculptures, there are a whole lot of works which don’t seem to fit neatly into any of the usual categories. For example, Sally Willet’s stunningly decorated vintage wall clocks. Sally starts with a fully operating wall clock, and uses the cabinet as the stage on which she presents a ‘scene-in-a-box’, where the viewer is taken into such phantasmagorical worlds as the Amazon jungle, or the mediaeval French myth of the water nymph Melusine. She works a rich palate of multi-cultural sources into these small scale dream boxes, with the clock hands turning and the pendulum always swinging – the timeless in a time-piece.

Julia Rose, who comes from a career in floral arrangement art, offers framed works showing head piece and collar creations in collected natural media – feathers, pieces of bark, seed pods etc, presented on a mannequin head – where she exploits the intense colours and textures of the adopted elements to create totally arresting images.

Judi Lane creates earthy landscapes in timber, acrylic, shells and gold leaf, and uses all this to present a story of the artist progressing through deeply personal themes of loss of love and attachment, leading back to a reunion with mother earth and the rediscovery of ‘a place of recognition’.

Biolecticus brings his background in molecular biology to his art, creating forms and structures mostly in wire, based on naturally occurring molecular forms, notably the helix form. He leads the viewer on a number of highly imaginative jaunts which unfold from the shapes and symmetries of molecular life.

Maria Heaton offers her moody, atmospheric location pieces in oil or acrylic, capturing visions and moments of North Coast life, with emphasis on the coastal. She finds poetry in a seascape, a view of an abandoned car buried in deep grass, and various buildings and human figures.

Rahima Wolfe Jackson’s work takes us right into that realm where the conception which precedes and accompanies the work is equally or more important than the physical product itself. Her ‘Construction of a Methodology’ confronts the viewer with what she calls ‘a pair of artist books’. These definitely one-off books give the viewer an interactive experience where the artist blurs the lines between conception, performing and artistic product. (Just how it is interactive remains a mystery to for the moment, but Rahima is offering gloves for viewers to don when engaging with the work.) In the series ‘Fruits of Labour’, Rahima again takes us deep into the place from whence conception, creation and performance arise. Working with the thematic elements of ants, trees and skulls, she creates narratives on growth, work, life, death and resurrection, capturing these in patterned arrangements.

All in all the Extravaganza promises visitors a rich and varied experience of the quality and the enormous range of art offered from the broader Northern Rivers region. We have attempted here to give you in indication of just how wide this range is, and also to point out the number of artists who condense all their skills into works which will surprise and challenge you.

The Extravaganza runs from 1 to 25 April, and will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day, so make sure you find the time for at least one visit in April.