This month our feature artist is June King – a painter who hails originally from New Zealand, but has been living in our region for … years and has been exhibiting works at Nimbin Artists Gallery for one year now.

June’s artistic tendencies manifest themselves when as a child she would do drawings of family and friends faces. The encouragement she got from her family stimulated her early interest in art, and this was further developed by an artist friend and mentor. June works mainly in water colours and oils, and sometimes in acrylics or mixed media, as well as some experiments with collage and other new media. She works with a broad range of subjects figure paintings, landscapes, and especially still life studies of flowers. She is always open to what is new, whether in subject matter or media, and this openness imparts a vitality to her work.

In her watercolours the merging of light effects with her sensitivity to colour conveys a transparent freshness. Her lanscapes show how she uses lightly washed areas which make the paper seem to glow with light through the paint. At other times, such as the bushfire series, she creates a dramatic effect through the use of intense, vigorous reds and yellows, set against the dark, hot shadows of the night.

She states her aims to be to draw the viewer into the picture with the colour and feeling and to create a sense of mystery which will entice the viewer to linger on the painting and come back to examine it again.

Peter Warne

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